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Hatch and evolve Champion Monster to attack your enemies and defend your base.

Building InformationEdit

Hatch your Champion Monsters here!

NOTE: You can only build ONE Champion Cage as of the moment. This building cannot be catapulted or attacked by any monster without Fink's claws, even though monsters still path around it.It can also be damaged by eye-ras if it is close to Blocks that the eye-ras destroyed.

Requirements: Level 4 town hall

Land Air
All Champions Only with Fomor
Champion Monster

Upgrade ProgressionEdit

Structure Level Resources Building Time Resources Recycled Town Hall Level
Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles Putty-icon Putty Twigs-icon Twigs Pebbles-icon Pebbles Putty-icon Putty
1 Twigs-icon 500,000 Pebbles-icon 500,000 Putty-icon 250,000 1d Twigs-icon 250,000 Pebbles-icon 250,000 Putty-icon 125,000 4

Champion Monsters Edit

Monster Name Monster Image Monster Animation
Gorgo Gorgo 6 File:Gorgo Animation.gif
Fomor Fomor 6 File:Fomor-Animation.gif
Drull Drull 6 File:Drull Animation.gif

Building Progression Edit

Structure Level Normal Deployed
1 Champion Cage Champion Cage Deployed