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In-game Sprite
File:Fink Animation.png
Monster Locker Level1
Favorite TargetAnything
DescriptionFound deep inside Amazonia, Fink's chemo-receptors make its attacks deadly accurate.
Special AbilityClaws
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Monster InformationEdit

"A little known fact about me is that my chemo-receptors are 30 times more powerful than the nose of a human, and people wonder why I'm so accurate in battle. Gather some goo, I'm ready to be hatched! "

Fink have high damage, but low health. They're basically like Pokeys with chainsaws-loads more damage but not more resistant to attacks. Finks are also used as base looters, as they have a fast hatching time, and have high damage. They're very easily destroyed by any attack, so use them only when you're running out of time.

Special Ability Edit

Claws Edit

File:Fink Lab.png
Fink uses all of his claws to slaughter multiple buildings and monsters surrounding him. This ability is in the second batch of released abilities.
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Extra Target(s) Putty-icon Putty Time Extra Target(s) Putty-icon Putty Time Extra Target(s) Putty-icon Putty Time
1 Putty-icon 96,000 1d 6h 2 Putty-icon 128,000 1d 6h 3 Putty-icon 144,000 1d 6h

Upgrade Progression Edit

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Movement Speed 1.3kph 1.3kph 1.3kph 1.3kph 1.3kph 1.3kph
Health 200 200 200 200 220 240
Damage 300 330 380 430 470 520
Goo Cost Goo-icon 1,500 Goo-icon 2,250 Goo-icon 3,375 Goo-icon 4,800 Goo-icon 7,200 Goo-icon 10,000
Housing Space 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces
Production Time 1m 40s 1m 40s 1m 40s 1m 40s 1m 30s 1m 30s
Upgrade Cost Putty-icon32,000 Putty-icon32,000 Putty-icon64,000 Putty-icon96,000 Putty-icon128,000 Putty-icon160,000
Upgrade Time 4h 8h 12h 18h 1d 1d 6h


With it's ability upgraded to level 3, it's maximum dps (Damage Per Second) becomes 2,080, the highest of all non-champion monsters excluding Eye-ra.