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In-game Sprite
File:Ichi Animation.png
Monster Locker Level2
ClassTower Destroyer
Favorite TargetDefensive Towers
DescriptionDiscovered in the peak of Mt. Fuji, Ichi is one of the deadliest monsters and can withstand intense damage from towers and booby traps.
Special AbilityN/A
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Monster Information Edit

"Did you know that my hide is used in bullet proof vests? Too bad shots from Defense Towers are a little stronger than normal bullets, that being said, I'm still great for absorbing fire while other monsters do damage. Plus, there's nothing more delicious than eating towers.

Ichis are the greatest damage absorber at medium levels and can be used to smack down lone snipers and as it told us: there's nothing more delicious than eating towers. Putting Ichis in your monster bunker is a good idea because it can defend your base for a long time. But there is one con: Ichi has a low attack. So there you have it....

Upgrade Progression Edit

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Movement Speed 1.2kph 1.2kph 1.2kph 1.2kph 1.2kph 1.2kph
Health 2,000 2,100 2,200 2,300 2,500 2,800
Damage 50 60 70 80 95 110
Goo Cost Goo-icon 5,000 Goo-icon 5,625 Goo-icon 8,440 Goo-icon 11,200 Goo-icon 16,000 Goo-icon 24,000
Housing Space 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces 20 spaces
Production Time 1m 40s 1m 40s 1m 30s 1m 30s 1m 30s 1m 30s
Upgrade Cost Putty-icon128,000 Putty-icon128,000 Putty-icon256,000 Putty-icon409,600 Putty-icon640,000 Putty-icon820,000
Upgrade Time 16h 12h 18h 1d 2d 3d