Wild MonstersEdit

Wild monsters are non-player controlled monsters that attack players randomly. Wild monsters are not limited in attacking by damage protection or starter protection, as that only protects from other players. They only attack players who are online, usualy as soon as the players game has loaded. Attacking wild monster bases will not remove you from any protection.

Wild Monster TribesEdit

Certain groups of wild monsters have constructed bases of their own, they are called wild monster tribes. There are four different tribes: Dreadnaut, Kozu, Legionnaire and Abunakki. Tribes are generaly easier to attack than other players as they usualy have less buildings and at lower levels. To successfully destroy a wild monster tribe's base, you must destroy its Town Hall. In the preview, doing this allows you to capture that area and build an Outpost for 2 million of each resource.

Attracting Wild MonstersEdit

Wild monsters can be drawn to your base in order to test your defenses using the Wild Monster Baiter.

Trojan HorsesEdit

File:Trojan Horse.gif

In early stages of the game, wild monsters would construct wooden horses containing monsters to attack players base. Clicking one would activate it, giving the player a choice of accepting it or sending it back to the wild monsters. Regardless of the chosen response, 5 of each monster except D.A.V.E.s, Wormzers and flying monsters will emerge from the horse and attack the players base. It now has been changed to after attacking any Wild Monsters with about 5-10 attacks, and it appears only once. (Some times, very rarely, it'll appear twice)

NOTE:No Champions are stored in there.

Wild Monster AttacksEdit

When attacked by wild monster tribes, it seems to depend more on what level you are and how your base is designed. The wild monsters A.I. looks at your base and its strengths and weaknesses and determines where the weakest point is, what type of monsters your base is weak to and sends the appropriate tribe with their diffrent specialties to attack you.

If you move your base around, recycle some buildings, gain levels or change the strength of your base, different tribes with different monsters will come. Also, destroying wild monster bases will not prevent them from attacking you. Even if you attack them out of your Map Room, the wild monsters will still periodically attack you to show you how they consider your base to be weak. Oddly, wild monsters only seem to come from one direction (right side of yard facing player), with the exception of Kozu.